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From Facebook Ads to email campaigns and everything in between - it’s a lot. I get it. That’s why UP Digital was created. To break these huge, in-depth, but necessary, digital platforms down into small, easy-to-learn pieces. Whether you’re looking to start from scratch with a brand new business or just want to brush up on your jargon and targeting, you’re in the right place.

What I offer

It’s important to me that this type of education is accessible to everyone, on all levels. Our world is made up of algorithms and targeted ads and UP Digital is here to ensure that you don’t get left behind.

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Want to know what’s up with Facebook/Instagram Ads? This is perfect for you! Get my free Facebook Ads guide and kick off your learning literally right now!

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The Digital Dispatch: an hour to empower

See when my next Digital Dispatch is going to be! A simple way to learn on your lunch hour. Each one addresses a different digital-related topic and you’ll leave with a sense of empowerment and confidence in knowledge that you may not have had before.

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After being a solopreneur for 10 years, I realized that there were so many people out there just like me.

You know? That solopreneur that knows they need to be doing digital marketing and running paid ads, but has no idea where to start, nor do they have time to dedicate to a 3-day course or a half day sitting in a large conference room.

That was me. And that is why I’ve built Urban Prairie Digital.


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